Auditing Services

An on-site audit from a third party can provide an objective review of your systems and controls.

Onsite Auditing for Logistics

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BLT audits are tailor made to ensure cost effective solutions without employing full time auditors.

Our compliance auditors will complete a health check of your company systems and provide an in depth report and feed back to ensure your company stays compliant. We follow best practice and ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Our audits are designed to give a full overview of your operation and are conducted for many reasons. You many what to check your own internal systems because of conduct hearings. Our level of experience allows us to identify issues and provide guidance on how to rectify and implement best practise.

At BLT we cover every aspect

  • Operator licencing

  • Vehicle maintenance systems

  • Driver hours WTD and record keeping

  • Tachograph downloads

  • SSOW

  • Agency drivers/systems

  • OCRS

  • Training records

  • And much more



You may find that compliance and keeping up with ever changing regulation can seem like a necessary evil and a burden on your business.

At BLT Logistics, we specialise in providing expert compliance auditors to relieve this burden and allow you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business

All our services are designed to deliver real benefits to your business, not just tick regulatory boxes. Click on one of the areas on the right to discover more about the control, solutions, insight and benefits that BLT Logistics can deliver.


The guide to road-worthiness

For more information on road-worthiness, please head over to


The guide to drivers hours and work time directive

If you drive a goods vehicle or a passenger-carrying vehicle you must follow the rules on how many hours you can drive and the breaks that you need to take. Visit for more information



Smartanalysis is the leading tachograph analysis and compliance management service. For more information please head over to the Wirral website

Your Regulatory Obligations

We’ll help you cut through the huge volume of information on regulatory obligations to highlight what is and is not relevant to your business model. We’ll do this through a range of measures including online and telephone guidance, regular bulletins, workshops, health checks and onsite audits.


Management Information

MI is an important tool for your business, it measures the systems you have in place to identify where a process needs to change. We can help you review your MI to ensure you are getting the best from your transport staff and operation. MI helps you understand the regulations and obligations offering training solutions where needed. Whether it’s statistical information or formal output from audits and health checks, we’ll help you understand what it means and how it can be used to the benefit of your business.

We don’t just provide generic templates and procedures that tick regulatory boxes, or simply repeat announcements from the regulator.


At BLT we provide you with the benefit of our many years experience. We review legal and regulatory publications and translate this into meaningful guidance for our clients. Our aim is to help you cut through the jargon to understand what is relevant and what it means to your organisation.

This level of insight and the practical guidance we offer is just one of the things that we believe sets BLT apart from the rest.

Giving you Insight

We don’t just provide generic templates and procedures that tick regulatory boxes, or simply repeat announcements from the regulator.