11 May 2018


BLT Logistics Newsletter


The latest FORS standard magazine has highlighted the need for compliance training.

For years, load compliance has been a problem for the logistics industry. Gone are the days when putting 28 pallets on a curtainsider and strapping it with internal straps was acceptable.

Kevin Swallow reports on The Standard. https://www.fors-online.org.uk/cms/fors-standard-magazine-2/

When it comes to load security, the fleet Operator Recognition scheme (FORS) is at the forefront. As part of the audit, an operator must demonstrate a safe loading procedure to ensure fright is safely stowed onto a commercial vehicle.

There is good reason for establishing a clear procedure and best practise. In 2016 a Northampton-based haulier had its Operators Licence curtailed for three months for repeated load security issues.

Following 2 campaigns, the DVSA reported that, in 2011 half of all vehicles stopped had inadequate load securing and another quarter had no load securing at all. In 2015, only a quarter of trucks stopped had inadequate load securing, with one in ten trucks having an unstable load.

The DVSA brought a swift improvement acknowledgment in a presentation called ‘safe Transport is good business’ delivered by the HSE. A set of documents (see below) show what the DVSA look for when roadside checks are in force


For general haulage operators any approved load security and loading training is delivered through Driver CPC (DCPC) However, according to several DCPC training providers approached to contribute to the STANDARDS magazine article said. Loading is either part of or as a standalone module and isn’t in demand as transport bosses usually prefer to repeat a seven-hour refresher on driver’s hours.

Most drivers and hauliers turn their nose up at DCPC because its not practical. Its classroom based. Load security needs to be taught because there are more drivers with less experience than there ever has been. In heavy haulage everyone does it properly, why shouldn’t that apply to road haulage?

BLT Logistics Services Ltd has been providing professional training for over 4 years. It has accreditations with JAUPT. The CPD standards office and is a FORS associate. DCPC is at the forefront of its business. Providing courses that suit FORS compliant companies.


19th May – Drivers Hours Working Time Directive & Tachographs

This course will give drivers a better understanding of the responsibilities of daily walk around checks, reporting defects, load security and load restraints.

26th May – Daily Checks & Load Compliance

This is a course designed to give drivers a better understanding of the EU regulations, compliance with driver hour legislations and tachographs.

Each course will give 7 hours training time towards your Driver CPC.

Courses will be held at The Crown Inn, Bathley, NG23 6DA and include Refreshments and Lunch.

Contact us on 01636 613624 or email admin@bltlogistics.co.uk