HGV Class 2 – C Licence

Obtaining a HGV Class 2 or C Licence is the first step to a career as a driver of a Class C Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV). It allows you to operate a rigid vehicle over 7.5 tonnes, and successfully passing the test includes the provisional entitlement for a HGV Class 1 CE licence.

In order to be able to take the practical training and test for your HGV Class 2 Category C Licence you must first complete the following steps:

  • Undertake a Drivers Medical (£50 – £100) to prove you are physically fit to drive a Category C vehicle. A doctor or medical professional needs to complete a D4 form on your behalf. An optician may need to complete the section relating to your vision.
  • Complete an application form (D2).
  • Obtain your provisional entitlement on your licence by sending completed forms D2 and D4 along with your licence to the DVLA. The licence will generally be returned within 2-4 weeks with the provisional entitlement added. Both these forms can be ordered online from the DVLA as a pack.
  • Take and pass both the HGV Theory Test (£28) and the HGV Hazard Perception Test (£12), known as Module 1. Both can be booked online on the Gov.uk website.

On completion of the steps above, you are able to start your practical HGV Category C (HGV class 2) training with test, known as Module 3, which is what we offer here at BLT Logistics.

Please note, should you wish to progress to a HGV Class 1 CE Licence, you must pass the HGV Class 2 C Licence practical test before undertaking the Class 1 CE Licence practical test.

If you are looking to drive commercially and for a living you will also be required to take and pass the Drivers CPC initial qualification tests which consist of the following:

Module 2 – Driver CPC case studies (computer based and conducted at the DVSA theory test centres)
Module 4 – Driver CPC vehicle safety practical demonstration (practical demonstration with the vehicle and conducted at the DVSA or our Test Centre).

Depending on when you passed your driving test, there may be other options available to you to in order to obtain the correct qualifications to be able to drive commercially. We would be happy to advise you on your specific circumstances.

The practical courses are delivered following the DVSA recommended HGV Syllabus for learning to drive HGVs.

The vehicles we use are maintained to the highest standard and fully meet the DVSA specification, this means we ensure you have the right skills and the right vehicle to achieve the licence you require. We also ensure that you have the skills required to start work driving HGVs after passing the HGV Driving test.

Training is delivered in a variety of traffic situations including urban and rural driving.

Off road manoeuvring is practiced at our dedicated training centre to ensure you are ready for this important part of the HGV test.

Once you have obtained your HGV Class 2 C Licence, BLT Logistics can also support you in obtaining the HGV Class 1 CE Licence.

How to book

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