BLT Logistics Army Employer Recognition Scheme

26 Nov 2018


BLT Logistics, the nationwide training provider to the logistics industry, has achieved a bronze accreditation in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme to acknowledge the support it has pledged to defence and the armed forces.

The accolade, awarded earlier in November, aims to highlight those companies that support the armed forces, including existing or prospective employees that are part of the community. Organisations self-nominate, and the application is then validated to ensure the organisation employs defence personnel and has signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

The organisation is then issued with a certificate and materials to promote its status within the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS).

For BLT Logistics, the ERS award is part of a wider process of working to provide opportunities to those leaving the military. A training package has been designed specifically for those on resettlement or ex service personnel that are moving into the driving sector, it has been designed by an ex-serviceman who understands what the needs are of those individuals. The course will be priced reflecting the budgets to those on resettlement or a change to the career path of those that have already left.

Chris Chapman, Director of BLT Logistics, said: “We are delighted to have been presented with a bronze award within the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. We employ as a Director Phil Souter-Smith, who is an army ex regular and a serving member of the reserves forces. It’s a great honour to have been recognised with this accolade, reflecting the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation.”

“We have always been very supportive of our armed forces and in particular, of our veterans. We have carefully thought through how we can best assist ex-Military personnel in their transition into civilian employment within the logistics industry, and I believe we offer the most comprehensive training package available, providing support, guidance and expert advice every step of the way.”

BLT Logistics is based in Newark and provides HGV Class 1 and 2 licence acquisition, driver CPC and CPC module 4 training. We also deliver First Aid training and provide transport compliance services to companies and individuals nationwide.

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