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The category C practical test must be taken and passed before being able to take the practical CE test

Having passed the LGV Category C driving test the next step for most people is to take the LGV CE driving test, also know as Class 1. This category allows you to drive either an LGV articulated vehicle ( tractor unit & semi-trailer) or a draw-bar outfit ( rigid LGV with draw-bar trailer)

The rules concerning the types of vehicle used for the LGV driving test have changed, from the 10th April 2014 anyone passing their LGV category C or CE test in an automatic vehicle will also gain manual entitlement for these categories providing that they hold manual entitlement in their car licence or other lorry or bus entitlements.

Our combination of training vehicles allow potential candidates to gain experience in driving a manual multi-gear LGV in category C, and then automatic gear experience in category CE.

LGV Class 1 - C+E

The class ‘C+E’ licence replaced the older class I licence in 1997 and passing the ‘C+E’ test is a requirement for operating an articulated vehicle or a rigid vehicle towing a large trailer. Without the ‘C+E’ licence you are limited to towing a 750 Kg gross weight trailer.

While the ‘C+E’ licence allows the operation of both types of vehicle you may wish to note that haulage companies operating an articulated fleet may not wish to employ a person who passed the test on a rigid and drag (trailer), this is because the characteristics of the vehicles are some what different and inexperienced drivers moving onto an articulated vehicle have been identified as being at higher risk of accident until sufficiently experienced.

The provisional licence for a ‘C+E’ vehicle is an automatic entitlement on passing the ‘C’ licence. No further medical or theory test pass is required prior to training.

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